Under the direction of the Chief of Police, the Sebring Police Department is divided into four Divisions: Patrol, Support Services, Criminal Investigations, and Code Enforcement. These Divisions are administered by the Police Commander. This is accomplished with the assistance of three Lieutenants who serve as Division Commanders.

The Patrol Division is the backbone of the department and provides proactive services 24 hours a day. Under the direction of the Patrol Lieutenant, specialized services include traffic enforcement, water safety/boat operations, community-based partnerships, K-9, school resource, pre-employment screening, exposure control, personnel records, facilitates comprehensive in-service training program, and special events. Crime prevention programs and Neighborhood Watch is a shared responsibility within the Patrol Division. The Criminal Investigations Division conducts in-depth criminal investigations and coordinates special operations with other divisions/units as well as outside law enforcement agencies.   The Criminal Investigations Lieutenant is also responsible for specialized services, which include street-level narcotics enforcement, juvenile safety and education, and neighborhood stabilization programs. The Criminal Investigations Division Lieutenant is responsible for policy review and development, accreditation, and property and evidence management.

The Support Services Division compliments the efforts of the entire department by providing the following services: communications, data information, community affairs, budgeting, grant preparation, purchasing, facilities and fleet management. The Support Services Lieutenant is responsible for all records management and information services.

Two Administrative Assistants provide the necessary support to maintain the overall efficiency of the Department.

Media relations, public information, and internal affairs is the responsibility of the Police Commander.  The Code Enforcement Division consists of two Code Officers, and is directly supervised by the Police Commander.