What should I do if I have dirty water?
Step 1: Determine the source of the dirty water. Is it the hot or the cold water?

  • First try flushing the toilet, and look into the bowl. Since the toilet uses only cold water, if the bowl is clear, then the problem is with the hot water. If the bowl water is dirty, then the cold water is affected, and activities outside your home should be considered as the cause.

  • If the hot water is the source, the hot water tank must be flushed clean, according to the manufacturer's recommendations. If the cold water is the source, the cold water needs to be flushed. Don't continue to flush the toilet after the initial test. Don't use the hot water. Prevent further accumulations of sediment in the hot water tank by not using the hot water. If the dishwasher or clothes washer is running, stop it mid cycle until the water is cleared up.

  • Step 2: Look Outside

    • If distribution system repair or maintenance is under way, this way be the cause. Also look for street sweepers or anyone else using a fire hydrant.

    Step 3: Flush your plumbing.

    • Open the cold-water faucet in the bathtub all the way open, full force, with the drain open, for about 15 minutes. Most dirty water situations will clear up in this time. If not, turn the water off, wait 10-15 minutes, and repeat the flushing again.

    If the above procedures do not remedy your water color, please contact us for additional assistance 863-471-5112.

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