I’m only here 6 months during the year; do you have a vacation rate?

The City of Sebring does not have an established rate for vacationers, however, when less than 1,000 gallons is used during a monthly billing period, only the base rate for water will be charged and the sewer charge will be reduced to $2.49 Inside limits and $3.11 outside (residential). This is excluding our Highlands Utility, Harder Hall, and Sebring Airport customers.

Another option is to have the city terminate your service while you’re away and reconnect upon your return. We will hold your deposit on file and lock your water meter so that monthly charges will not generate and you will not be liable for any water usage occurring from theft and/or leaks during this time. The charge for disconnecting and reconnecting service is $40 each time, however, depending on the length of time you are away, you may end up paying this much in base monthly rates anyway. Plus this eliminates any worry of water use that you would be responsible for.

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