Backbilling & Refund Policy

Over / Under Billing
  • Any utility account found to be under billed or over billed shall be corrected immediately.
  • Accounts found to have been under billed will be back billed for the correct amount for the period of the under billing but not to exceed 12 months.
  • Accounts found to have been over billed will be credited for all amounts that were over billed within the past 12 months.
Payment of Back-Billing
  • Any back billing that exceeds the customer's current ability to pay may be set up on a payment arrangement approved by the Customer Service Supervisor.
  • Although payments may be established, all amounts due will remain on the customer's monthly utility bill. Failure to make any payment as agreed will result in interruption of utility service.
  • Late fees may be deleted, at the discretion of the Customer Service Supervisor, so long as all payments were made as agreed.
Case By Case Consideration of Errors
  • Each account which is determined to be in error will be reviewed on a case by case basis to consider the cause of the error, the cost of research and correction, the knowledge and/or intent of the customer, the payment history and longevity of the customer, the customer's ability to pay, and any other circumstances that deserve consideration.
  • The full or partial back-billing amount may be waived at the discretion of the Utilities Director or Customer Service Supervisor if it is deemed in the best interest of the city and the customer.