The City of Sebring Fire Department was started by City founder George Sebring in 1912. Mr. Sebring purchased two wheeled carts and 800 ft. of hose and donated them to the City. This equipment was housed in the first Fire Station located at the end of East Center Street.
1913 Fire Station
First Sebring Fire Station 1913 East Center Ave.
1922 Fire Station
Sebring Fire Station 1922 Mango Street.
1927 fire Station
Sebring Fire Station 1927 Mango Street
1931 First firecollege Class
1931 firecollege Repel
1931 fire college Tower
Chief Alan Altvater was responsible for recognizing the need for formalized training for firefighters and created the training curriculum and held the first ever Minimum Fire Standards Training class at the City of Sebring Central Fire Station (Currently Station 14) in 1931.