Commercial Collection

General Information

The City of Sebring Solid Waste Division services approximately 720 commercial customers per month, and disposes of approximately 450 tons of garbage per month. These commercial accounts are in the form of restaurants, doctor offices, retail stores, and various other businesses within city limits. Commercial garbage disposed of by the City of Sebring is taken to the Highlands county Landfill on Arbuckle Creek Road.

There are 2 daily commercial routes, serviced by 2 commercial garbage trucks. The commercial operating hours are from 2 to 10 a.m., Monday through Friday.

The majority of commercial businesses use commercial garbage dumpsters ranging in size from 2 cubic yards to 8 cubic yards. The dumpsters are provided to commercial businesses by the City of Sebring, with the actual price dependent on the size of the dumpster, and the amount of times it is emptied per week. Please see the chart below for prices regarding commercial dumpsters.


Pick-ups/Week Container Size in Cubic Yards





































Small Commercial Accounts

Small commercial businesses that do not generate enough garbage to warrant dumpster service shall put out 1 city issued 96 gallon cart container, to be emptied twice a week at a monthly charge of $42.26. Additional containers can be requested at an additional monthly fee of $42.26 per container.

Temporary Dumpster Rental

The City of Sebring has commercial garbage dumpsters available for short-term use to the general public. Short-term use is defined as no longer than 1 month. The average price for this type of rental is based on the size of the dumpster and the number of times the dumpster needs to be emptied once it is full. Also, there is a 1 time fee of $65.00 for dumpster delivery. Each time the dumpster needs to be emptied, the price would be $20.00 times the size of the dumpster used. An example: An 8 cubic yard dumpster emptied 1 time would cost $160.00 ($20.00 times 8 cubic yards).

The use of a temporary dumpster longer than 1 month must be charged to the user as per the commercial dumpster rate; Please see the above commercial dumpster chart for additional information.

The delivery fee and first emptying charge must be paid in advance, by check or money order (no cash, please). Please make the check or money order out to:
City of Sebring
368 S. Commerce Avenue
Sebring, FL 33870-3606

Larger Compacted Commercial Volume

Commercial properties that create compacted solid waste, excluding tires, shall be charged $20.00 per cubic yard per pickup, with the number of pickups as agreed upon between the customer and the city.

Excess Solid Waste

All solid waste that is not contained within containers, or if in containers is more than the amount to be collected, shall be collected and disposed of for an additional fee per cubic yard per pickup. 
Excess Solid Waste pickup fee per cubic yard
 2 yard  3 yard  4 yard  6 yard  8 yard
 $114.00  $141.00  $192.00  $368.00  $413.00

If you have a question concerning the commercial garbage or dumpster collection, please give us a call to correct the issue. You can reach us at 471-5100 or 471-5115.